Discover the power of one


Discover our end-to-end solution, a complete security system tailored for your customer, all from Axis. One vendor, one interface, one license, one point of support and one powerful design tool.

As a partner, Axis unified solution is easy to sell and will benefit of our support for the entire installation. As an end-customer, it is a reliable and easy to use solution.

Find out the full capacity of the end-to-end solution using our designing tool AXIS Site Designer. The advanced integration between the tool and AXIS Camera Station allows you to save time, optimize the infrastructure, get support in the project creation and reduce the manual work. 

To know more enter our end-to-end video game. 

Vendor & license

One vendor


Discover the many benefits of using one vendor

Avoid additional costs and delays by using a unified end-to-end solution from Axis. The compatibility is assured first time, and every time without product restrictions. You can build a complete and advanced security system, taking advantage of the full Axis offer.

One license


Save time and energy with one unified solution

By using AXIS Camera Station, the main rule is “one device, one license”. Axis regularly provides new releases with improvements and all new capabilities are included within the same version of the software - no hidden costs, subscription or software upgrade fees, and a standard 5-year warranty across the entire system. Easy for your customers to understand and easy for you to sell and administrate. 

Design tool & interface

One design tool

Save time with components designed to work together

Avoid costly pitfalls and unnecessary mistakes by using AXIS Site Designer - a powerful tool supporting you through the complete sales and design process. Build a customized solution for your customer, from cameras and other devices to mounting accessories and selection of recorders. In addition, documentation is automatically created including a sales proposal. To make it really easy you can import your bill of material when applying for project pricing and export your specifications to automatically configure AXIS Camera Station.

One user interface

Simplify your work with only one interface

Take advantage of the user-friendly interface with all-in-one video and access control management, ability to deploy audio messages, to analytics for proactive alerts - offer your customers an end-to-end solution that grants them complete control over their site, within a single pane of glass. And makes it easy for you when educating your customers in their new system.

Online event

Online event

Learn more about the benefits of an end-to-end solution, a complete security system tailored to your customer, all from Axis. One provider, one interface, one license, one contact for support and one powerful design tool. Via the link below you can listen to our online event whenever it suits you.

Online event


One point for all support

Always know who to contact

Making every surveillance installation run smoothly is key. With an end-to-end solution using AXIS Camera Station and other Axis products, support is reduced to a single point of contact. You can feel confident that any problem that may arise will be handled quickly and efficiently.  In fact, we have a team of over a hundred highly experienced Technical Support engineers world-wide to assist wherever you are, whenever you need it.