The Protect Duty (UK) and its implications for the security of public space

The Protect Duty refers to a piece of legislation which concerns the protective and preparatory measures that should be considered to make the public safer at publicly accessible locations in the UK. Following publication, on 10 January 2022, of the Government’s Protect Duty public consultation response document, it would now seem certain that the intention is to take the Protect Duty legislation forward, leading to the creation of a culture of security and bringing about significant changes in how publicly accessible events are secured. 

"Axis welcomes the Government’s response and notes that the majority of respondents to the consultation agreed that tougher security measures are necessary to ensure preparedness for and protection from terrorist attacks."

This new Axis whitepaper offers a review of the Protect Duty legislation and highlights key considerations for the use of physical security technology to better protect publicly accessible locations. Designed to assist the security industry, it draws attention to the critical role that such technologies will play and explains the considerations and steps necessary to help the owners and managers of publicly accessible spaces to vastly improve their security provision.

While physical security systems are not a central requirement of the Protect Duty, technology is a force multiplier to improve operational efficiency, accelerate decision making and demonstrate compliance. Where existing security solutions exist, many are uncoordinated and unregulated. This will need to be addressed with greater clarity around the responsibility of businesses to protect their spaces, and a drive towards the implementation of security technologies that meet the highest standards of protection. 

Read the whitepaper to better understand:

  • The Protect Duty (UK) – Background and explanation of the proposed legislation
  • Application, requirements, compliance – Understanding risks and how to ensure compliance
  • Security considerations – Technologies to detect, monitor & control, and review threat
  • Cybersecurity – The importance of adopting a cyber secure approach

"What is critical, above all, is that businesses make the right choices regarding existing set-ups and new projects. Greenfield developments, in particular, would warrant a closer examination of the legislative approach now in progress in order to plan for compliance."

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